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Unexpectedly in April 2013, I became a free bird. I found myself thrown into an odd situation: I was about to complete my work contract and be out of work. My room-mate needed me to move out suddenly. (Read about what happened.)

Instead of being stressed out, I decided to turn this sudden change of circumstances into freedomI knew I had enough money to survive for a couple of months and tackle the first thing on my bucket list: Buy a one-way ticket somewhere on a whim and see what happens. 

2013 suddenly became a lot different from what I had imagined.

Within weeks, after some sincere confusion and bouncing around ideas, I took the leap and accepted a job offer in Thailand and joined the one way ticket club. I was going to Thailandone-way, clueless but with an eager heart.

I lived in Thailand for a month, and when it was time to leave, I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I was determined to find a way to prolong my adventures as an expatriate. I continued travelling, eventually locating work and deciding to move my home base to Melbourne, Australia.

Follow me as I live abroad and find adventures around every corner.


2 responses to “About This Blog

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  2. It’s inspiring to read your blog, not only because we’re family, but because I’m also in that same one way club. Packing up my life and my kids to move to Africa sounds crazy to some people, hell, to MOST people, but to me it is a dream come true. It is an adventure of a lifetime. This world is too big to live in one country all our lives. Dream big and go for it.

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